Doctor Eskini and Associates Law Office has the expert lawyers and experienced consultants, each specialized in a specific field of business law, company law, stock

 market law, investment law, tax law, social law, insurance law, banking law, the law of intellectual and industrial property, international business law and commercial negotiation. 

The firm offers its clients, Iranian and foreign companies wishing to undertake reciprocally trade relations, the consultation and commercial and legal representation.

The firm is born from the desire of our Iranian and French partners, to share their skills and experience to carry out a collective work adaptable to the needs of our

 clients in their research in order to make the mutual business relationships and sustainable with their Iranian and foreign counterparts.

Our culture is based on teamwork, solidarity, availability, and schedule and looking for the interests of our clients.

We are available to assist you and support you and will put all our experience at your service.